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Say you're a professional fighter. One of the best in the world. Yet you can't make a living out of it, because you can't find sponsors.

Or maybe you are launching a product. The very first of its kind, a real game-changer. But you're not selling anything, because nobody knows you.

What if you are already famous - In Real Life? You're a familiar face on TV, people recognise your voice on the radio and not a day goes by without a journalist calling you. But on Instagram, your neighbour's dog is more popular than you.

These are three examples of the challenges Brandtag has dealt with. And while they may seem very different, they all have one thing in common: we have provided them with an effective strategy to become more famous via online channels. So they became attractive for sponsors, or they could sell their goods or their online reputation matches the one they had achieved In Real Life.

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Our Services

online marketing strategy

Whether you are a brand, a company or a person: you need to reach your audience with the right message at the right time - at at a cost that is in line with your business plan.

Outlining the answers in a battle plan that can be implemented right away: that is what we do in an online marketing strategy.

online reputation management 

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it - Warren Buffet.

You know the old saying: you tell one friend about a good customer experience. You tell 10 people about a bad one. Online, you share it with the world.

In a Google world, bad press or a sour reviews may haunt you for years - and seriously hurt your business.

Brandtag monitors your reputation 24/7 and takes appropriate action when needed.

always-on content strategy

Content never sleeps. Your audience is 24/7 looking for information, entertainment and useful content: always-on.

And when they come looking for you, you need to have everything ready in the digital channels they live in.

We help you get ready with an actionable strategy that tells you what content you should post on which channels. Oh, and we can help you create the content too.

online audit

You have a website, maybe you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account or you have taken your first steps on Instagram #Instahero! However, you're not sure if everything is still honkey-dory. Maybe you don't feel your online channels really advance your business.

Brandtag analyses your online channels thoroughly and comes up with a hands-on recommendation for your next steps.


customer journey mapping

Which trip do people make before they actually buy what you have in store for them? Understanding this customer journey is quintessential if you want to optimise your online marketing efforts.

In an intensive workshop with the client, we map the customer journey and come up with a recommendation of online touch-points that will actually help you sell.